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Commonly asked Questions about the Breast enlargement product - Ameri-Breast

We will attempt to answer as many questions here as we possible can. If you have additional questions please do not hestitate to call. We are here to help you.

Will taking Ameri-Breast interfere with my birth control pills?

No. Ameri-Breast will not interfere with any birth control pills or Depo-Provera injections.

Does Ameri-Breast have any contraindications with any prescription drugs or over the counter products?

You should not take Ameri-Breast is you are allergic to peanuts. The ingredient Fenugreek as a cross sensitivity with peanuts. Fenugreek, when taken in large amounts has also been shown to lower glucose levels. While the amount of Fenugreek in Ameri-Breast is minimal compared to the amount used to lower glucose levels, we still urge diabetics to use caution and check your glucose levels.

How large is the tablet? Is it hard to swallow?

Ameri-Breast is a size 7.5 oval softgel. That is approximately the same size as a 400 IU vitamin E capsule. Softgels are much easier to swallow than tablets and we have never had a complaint.

How can 3 medium size softgels contain as much potency in terms of benefits than say the companies that tell us we should take 6 of those huge capsules a day.

Good question! First off, softgels are use in manufacturing to store oils or liquid material verses the hard gelatin capsules that holds ground powders. We use 85-95% Saw Palmetto extract which is an oil. We use 60% fenugreek, 4:1 fennel, and 16% mexican yam, which means we do not have to use as much of each product to get the same results, and the fenugreek, fennel, and mexican yam all dissolve into the saw palmetto oil allowing us to put it in a softgel. We are the only breast enhancer product that we know off that offers this easy to swallow softgel in such high concentrations.

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